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Dani Harper
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Dani Harper Audtion ~Accepted

Name: Ashley
Age: 21
Timezone: MST
Activity Level: 8.5/10 I’m currently unable to work so I spend my time online but I do have other roleplays.
Character: Dani Harper
Character’s age: 19
Desired Ship(s): Dani/Ladies
Anti Ship(s): Dani/Men
Name of addiction/problem: Bipolar Disorder and Self-Harm.

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  • Quinn Fabray
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Audition Count (1)

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Brittany Pierce
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Brittany Pierce Audition ~Accepted

Name: Leigh
Age: 25+
Timezone: Central
Activity Level: 8-9
Character: Brittany Pierce
Character’s age: 19
Desired Ship(s): Brittany/Chemistry, Brittana, Quitt
Anti Ship(s): Brittany/No Chemistry

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Anonymous asked:
Do you know where we can see if our characters have been accepted?

There is a tag so type in url of roleplay and put “/tagged/accepted”. But I always message applicants if accepted or not.

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Due to personal reasons our Sam has decided to leave the rp.

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Idea I have

So been watching a lot of White Collar recently and today I thought of something. Characters who have been here longer than say…two-three weeks (depending on how they have been getting on), are allowed to go out into town on certain days and for a specific number of hours. However they need to wear a special tracking tag so staff know where they have been and only allowed a two mile radius.

This allows maybe some characters to get a part time job so they can attempt to get back into a routine or even go to community college etc.

If anyone gets up to no good, that privilege will be revoked. If you think this will be a good idea, please like this post.

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