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Brittany Pierce
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Brittany Pierce Audition ~Accepted

Name: Leigh
Age: 25+
Timezone: Central
Activity Level: 8-9
Character: Brittany Pierce
Character’s age: 19
Desired Ship(s): Brittany/Chemistry, Brittana, Quitt
Anti Ship(s): Brittany/No Chemistry

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Anonymous asked:
Do you know where we can see if our characters have been accepted?

There is a tag so type in url of roleplay and put “/tagged/accepted”. But I always message applicants if accepted or not.

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Due to personal reasons our Sam has decided to leave the rp.

Please unfollow.

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Idea I have

So been watching a lot of White Collar recently and today I thought of something. Characters who have been here longer than say…two-three weeks (depending on how they have been getting on), are allowed to go out into town on certain days and for a specific number of hours. However they need to wear a special tracking tag so staff know where they have been and only allowed a two mile radius.

This allows maybe some characters to get a part time job so they can attempt to get back into a routine or even go to community college etc.

If anyone gets up to no good, that privilege will be revoked. If you think this will be a good idea, please like this post.

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Hey there in the tags

We’ve recently accepted some people into the roleplay, but we still have people open, we do accept limited OC’s. Also if the roleplayer allows it, we will accept the odd twin/family member, just make sure to ask the main first so I can then check with the player(s) if they want one.

Those needed include:

  • Finn Hudson
  • Dani
  • Kitty Wilde
  • Brittany Pierce
  • Sebastian Smythe
  • Hunter Clarington

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Sam Evans
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Quinn Fabray
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Sam Evans Audition~Accepted

Name: Ariel
Timezone:GMT +1
Activity Level: about a 7, depends on my shifts. But I’m on every day
Character: Sam Evans
Character’s age: 19
Desired Ship(s): Sam/Chemistry Sam/Female
Anti Ship(s): Sam/Male

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Audition Count (1)

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