Since November 2011 cases of sad, troubled youth fill the walls of Pathways Recovery Center, a rehabilitation facility in rural Lima, Ohio.

They come from all over the country, their families seeking some of the best psychological care for them available or through court orders if they get too out of hand.
What will you do when you get here? Will you get out clean? Or will you relapse and get stuck forever?

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Pathways Recovery Center

Needed include Finn, Quinn, Sebastian and Dani
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Just a reminder guys that if you have plots or anything going on with people, please try not to drop them. We are all guilty of it sometimes including me, but as admins we’re now trying to cut down on it.

Remember there is always the ooc blog for you to plot with and get to know other roleplayers. If anyone thinks they have a good idea for us to do a group event, send a message to the main or post in ooc blog listing suggestions.

I have some in mind but they need winter weather which is annoying.


Anonymous asked:

Your rp looks really nice. I may just join.

Thanks very much. We’ll await your audition.

Many characters open!

Ok so would do some ads but my browser or at least Tumblr isn’t letting me queue them for some reason.

Anyway characters open include:

  • Quinn Fabray
  • Sam Evans
  • Dani
  • Kitty Wilde
  • Noah Puckerman
  • Elliott Gilbert
  • Finn Hudson
  • Sebastian Smythe
  • Hunter Clarington

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Player for Sam has decided to leave the rp due to muse issues.

Please unfollow.

He is now reopen.

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Due to being inactive, roleplayer for sebastian has been removed.

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Sebastian is now reopened.

Activity Check

Please post otherwise be removed:

  • Rachel - Although I know just got back from holiday
  • Sebastian
  • Eric

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From the dash it looks like our Sugar has left the roleplay, so please unfollow the one you see on the dash.

Thanks very much.

Sugar Motta Audition ~Accepted

Name: Dany
Age: 19
Timezone: cst
Activity Level: 7/8 i’m online fairly often but I may be getting a job soon
Character: Sugar Motta
Character’s age: 17
Desired Ship(s): chemistry
Anti Ship(s): forced

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