Since November 2011 cases of sad, troubled youth fill the walls of Pathways Recovery Center, a rehabilitation facility in rural Lima, Ohio.

They come from all over the country, their families seeking some of the best psychological care for them available or through court orders if they get too out of hand.
What will you do when you get here? Will you get out clean? Or will you relapse and get stuck forever?

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Pathways Recovery Center

Needed include Quinn, Sebastian, Brittany and Dani.
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santanamarisollopez asked:

(I will be on vacation from August 9 to 15 and so may not be able to post regularly)

Thanks for letting me know :).


I really think one of the most underapreciated characters at pathwaysrecoverycenter is Rory. Leigh plays him so well, especially with him having DID. The storyline he has with Rachel is rather unique also. Love him.

Anonymous asked:

How active is the role play?

It’s active as people post daily, we don’t have a lot of players right now, but we hope to change that.


Roleplayer for Brittany has had to leave the roleplay due to not having enough time for her character.

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The role of Brittany has been reopened.

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Sam is now reopened.

We have some great characters open here!
  • Quinn Fabray
  • Sebastian Smythe
  • Elliott Gilbert
  • Noah Puckerman
  • Dani
  • Finn Hudson
  • Sugar Motta

Why don’t you take a look round and see if you’re interested. No set ships so you can mix things up with people also. If you need help with what problem to have, just ask or look here.


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Player lost muse.

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Roleplayer for Brittany will be on inconsistant/hiatus status till further notice due to personal reasons.